4.37pm: Stoke 2-1 Portsmouth (Beattie 79) Beattie has scored again! This is an absurd turnaround, prompted by a shocking refereeing decision. Apparently Beattie may have been offside for that goal as well, which will add to Paul Hart’s heat-emission levels a fair bit, but Stoke won’t give a soaring one about that.

Dixon was unhappy with the decision, having led for 111 of the total 200 laps. Pigot needed medical attention on the track, and his crash left debris all over the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. “Definitely a hard one to swallow for sure,” the New Zealander said. “First time I’ve seen them let it run out like that. I thought they’d throw a red [flag].”

After such moves failed to quell the unrest, Chile’s president tried to placate protesters with a conciliatory televised address in which he asked forgiveness for the “shortsightedness” of the country’s political leaders.

We arrive at a clearing and Durbin demonstrates how to light a fire. He places a small block of wood on the ground and puts a wooden stake on it, point down. He takes a bow, made of wood and string, places it round the stake and, when he moves the bow in a sideways motion, the stake rotates very fast. Its friction with the block of wood magically creates a pile of super-hot matter. It can ignite dry hay or bark. This creates a conflagration that can light a fire.

“Scoring a goal, you can’t celebrate properly as fans or players because you’ve got to wait two or three minutes before it actually gets given … you want the game to flow and, if a goal is scored, for the emotions to take over,” he said. “The less you see the VAR get involved in matches, the better.”

From this weekend, Brosque will get his wish. A memo issued to clubs says video referees should not “go looking for infringements that are by definition not match changing”.

Video assistant referees: everything you need to know Read moreVARs should only get involved in obvious mistakes or missed incidents, with a high threshold of intervention and a focus on match-changing situations. Video referees have also been stripped of the power to suggest changing yellow-card decisions to dismissals where the on-field referee has issued a caution.

Off-the-ball incidents will still be looked at.

In tweaking the system, the memo acknowledges the changes “are not completely in line with the trial protocol” agreed with Fifa for the trial. But the weight of criticism from an already small fanbase has forced FFA’s hand.

Alonso has been out of F1 since he left McLaren at the end of 2018 but is still regarded as a hugely talented driver who commands attention across the globe. The Spaniard has agreed a two-year contract for his third stint with the French team.

The answer is: not long. According to the people at the National Grid, the electricity will stop. So will the water. These systems have buttons. Buttons need fingers. Fingers need people who are alive. You have a day, maybe two, of electricity. Then you will be in darkness, with no way of washing your face.

Chile’s protests began in mid-October as a student-led fight against a 3.7% hike in metro fares. But those demonstrations quickly swelled into a much broader mutiny against inequality, the cost of living and police repression.

The last-minute decision to cancel the UN summit is a blow to global efforts to tackle the climate emergency and will fuel fears that a vicious cycle is emerging in which divisions between and within countries make it impossible for states to act together to deal with the underlying causes of unrest.

4pm So, a pretty big 45 minutes for Arsenal here. I think they can still reel Villa in, mainly because Villa are going to tumble like a wino who’s just been cattle-prodded back to life and dragged into an upright position, but they can’t be dropping points in games like these.

Collect the water from the purest source available, ideally a spring, minimising sediment and avoiding chemical contamination. Filter it through a sock full of sand. Sterilise the water by bringing it to a rolling boil for a few seconds.

Alonso, who will be 39 this month, won the drivers’ championship with Renault in 2005 and 2006. He first drove for the team in 2003, his second season in F1, and won his first grand prix at Hungary that year. He left the sport after becoming disillusioned with an uncompetitive car at McLaren and frustrated by the dominance of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari.

It is also the second setback for international climate talks in less than a year. Brazil had been due to host COP25 but pulled out last year after the presidential election victory of the far-right populist Jair Bolsonaro, who has pursued an anti-globalist agenda.

Other points of interest include Andrei Arshavin’s Arsenal debut, comprar teclado tfue whether anyone will pronounce Sunderland manager Ricky Spagbol’s name correctly and whether, on Soccer Saturday, Paul Merson will get so excited that his teeth fall out and start rattling round his mouth like beads in a jar.

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